Boeing Developer Tools quarterly newsletters

Published by: Boeing Developer Tools | Posted: May 1, 2023 09:48 PM GMT+0
We are excited to share that we are bringing back our newsletters. At Boeing Developer Tools, we remain committed to empowering you with products that are powered by Boeing and Jeppesen data to help you accelerate innovation. Thank you for choosing to stay connected.

What is Boeing Developer Tools?

Born out of a need to connect Boeing’s own digital products and services, Boeing Developer Tools is a digital platform that connects developers and enterprises with a variety of software development tools. Boeing Developer Tools consist of the following:

  • A web portal that introduces you to our various offerings. This provides you with an overview of our products, announcements, customer support, and blogs — everything you need to get started with Boeing Developer Tools.
  • An API portal that allows you to evaluate your products of interest and manage your subscriptions. Once you have identified a product of interest, you can log in to view API documentation, request access, and manage your subscriptions with user dashboards.
  • A set of APIs and SDKs that enable you to increase operational efficiencies and drive innovation. Use these RESTful APIs and software development kits to push the limits of your aviation application.

Coming soon

Over the next few months, we will:

  • Increase our product offering to include a more comprehensive set of aviation APIs
  • Improve user experience through changes in our marketing website
  • Launch more features to enhance the developer experience
  • Remain connected with you through our blogposts and newsletters

 Thank you and we look forward to supporting your development initiatives.