Enhancing OAuth Client Management: Introducing Email Notifications Sharing

Published by: Boeing Developer Tools | Posted: Nov 2, 2023 10:26 PM GMT+0

Boeing Developer Tools functions on the basis of OAuth Clients that are created on a user-level basis. While this ensures control and ownership, it can pose challenges when the creator of an OAuth Client is unavailable due to reasons such as vacations, team transfers, or departure from the company. In such cases, important client expiry notifications may go unnoticed, potentially leading to disruptions.

To address this concern and enhance your experience, we are excited to introduce a new feature: “Email Notification Sharing” for OAuth Clients. This enhancement empowers our developers to seamlessly share notifications with your team members or colleagues.

We’ve incorporated the “Email Notifications Sharing” functionality into the OAuth Client page in two key sections:

  1. During OAuth Client Creation

When you create a new OAuth Client, you will now have the option to specify up to three alternate email addresses. These email addresses will receive timely notifications regarding the client’s token expiry.

  1. For Existing OAuth Clients

For OAuth Clients that are already set up, our users will have the ability to share notifications with up to three alternate email addresses as well. This means that even if you’ve been using our OAuth Clients for some time, you can still benefit from this feature.

Benefits of this Feature

Timely Notifications

Our notification system will ensure that alternate email addresses receive alerts at strategic intervals leading up to the client token expiry, just like the owner. Notifications will be sent 60, 30, 14, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 day(s) prior to the client’s expiry, aligning with our existing notification behavior.

Enhanced Flexibility

We understand that the freedom to choose your team members or colleagues is essential. Therefore, we have enabled additions of up to 3 email addresses. You can enter any email addresses that are relevant to your OAuth Client management.

Control at Your Fingertips

Your control over these alternate email addresses is paramount. You can modify, add, or delete these addresses at any time. Simply navigate to the sharing functionality on the existing OAuth Client page, and you’ll have the flexibility to make changes as needed.

Elevate Collaboration, Streamline Management

With the introduction of “Email Notifications Sharing” for OAuth Clients, we aim to facilitate collaboration, enhance client management, and ensure that critical notifications reach the right individuals, even in the absence of the original owner. This feature aligns with our commitment to making your experience with Boeing Developer Tools products seamless and efficient.

We’re thrilled to offer this enhancement to our BDT subscribers, and we believe it will make a significant difference in how you manage OAuth Clients. We encourage you to explore this feature and start benefiting from it today.