Airports and Aerodromes

Airports and Aerodromes​

Receive current world-wide aerodrome data from Jeppesen’s aeronautical database. Aerodrome data includes point geometry for the airport reference point, usage, region, and identifying information along with associated runways and aerodrome area geometries. Filter requests by aerodrome ICAO, IATA or input search geometry.

Using WGS 84, geometries provided represent 3D geographical areas rather than 2D, Euclidean, geometrical areas.

The Airports and Aerodromes API is powered by the same Jeppesen NavData® used by most of the world’s airlines, corporate flight departments and major avionics providers. Updated every 28 days in cadence with the Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control (AIRAC) cycle, you will always have the most current, complete and accurate aeronautical information available.