Get detailed, current information about any airspace around the globe with Airspaces API. Based on Jeppesen aeronautical data, the most extensive and trusted data source in the aviation industry, this plug-and-play Data as a Service is available to support your staff in a wide array of software solutions.

  • Used in Flight Dispatch and Flight Planning software, staff can more effectively plan routes, make routing decisions, and ensure compliance with airspace restrictions or requirements.
  • Air Traffic Control software can use Airspace API data to support Controllers when managing air traffic within various airspaces. The exhaustive airspace database and the accuracy of Jeppesen aeronautical data supports decision-making by Controllers, helps them provide precise instructions to pilots and ensure safe and efficient traffic flow.
  • Airline Operations Managers can better assess potential airspace-related challenges, anticipate delays or diversions, and collaborate with dispatchers and air traffic control to mitigate any operational issues.
  • Airline Network Planning Teams use Airspace API to strategically plan routes, schedules, and capacity. Accurate airspace information also helps them ensure compliance, evaluate the feasibility of certain routes, and optimize flight paths to minimize congestion or airspace restrictions.
  • Crew Training and Safety Department software integrate Jeppesen’s Airspace API data to help train crew about airspace regulations, including restrictions, communication protocols, and any specific considerations or procedures required in different airspaces.
  • Other Airline Operations Control Center (OCC) staff benefit from accurate data when analyzing airspace utilization and congestion levels. This positively impacts the assessment of potential impacts on flight operations and supports informed decisions when adjusting flight schedules, rerouting aircraft, or coordinating with air traffic control to manage traffic flow efficiently and avoid delays.

Because Airspace API data originates from the same Jeppesen aeronautical database already used by most pilot EFB applications around the world, you facilitate collaboration between pilots, flight operations and airport managers. 

Airspaces API aeronautical data is updated every 28 days following the AIRAC cycle and uses the WGS-84 coordinate system. User-provided geometries are considered as geodetic rather than Euclidean (flat) geometries.

Data from this API may not be eligible to be used in all types of operations. For further details, please contact us.

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