Flight Events

Data Analytics Features for Your Innovation

Flight Events API provides a variety of real time data analytics services that provide in-depth insights into flight statuses of the worldwide aviation fleet.

This API allows you to access event information on:

  • Phase of Flight
  • Holding
  • Diversions
  • Squawks
  • Out, Off, On, In Times
  • Go-around
  • Excessive Descent
  • Rapid Decompression Maneuver
  • more to come…

Flight Events Services are powered byJeppesen NavData® & Airport Mapping Database (AMDB) and live ADS-B position data with worldwide coverage. Easily accessible to developers and other users, the Flight Events API’s live event messages can be integrated in tools and dashboards to improve situational awareness and support Flight Deck Crews, Dispatch, Flight Following and Airside Operation Managers in making smarter decisions.

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Exemplary Use Cases

Boeing Flight Events features flight status messages that can be integrated into various applications, tools and other software such as mobile flight decks or ground operations and operations management solutions.

On the Flight Deck

Display holding information, detected diversions and other notifications relevant to each flight to enhance situational and operational awareness for Pilots
On the flight deck
On the ground

On the Ground

Deliver live operational data and anomalous flight events to Airline OCC and Flight Ops Managers for joint operations and disruption management

On Decision Making

Provide flight events and analytics services for a holistic overview of flight activities to Airline Operations Management and strategic planning of Airport Operations

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