Jeppesen NOTAMs APIs give you and your software solutions access to the aeronautical industry’s most comprehensive NOTAMs database.

Jeppesen analysts monitor and collect NOTAMs from sources around the globe, including the FAA, EuroControl and directly from many nation states. Key data, such as runway status, is extracted from NOTAMs and placed in standardized fields, enabling your systems to filter, sort, and organize the NOTAMs effectively. The standardized NOTAMs are then made available to you from Jeppesen’s cloud server for seamless integration into your in-house solutions through our API.

  • Flight planners and dispatchers utilize Jeppesen NOTAMs in software solutions to create flight plans and briefing packages, and access live updates on demand whenever needed.
  • Flight deck crew not only receive filtered NOTAM updates prior to their flight briefing, but also receive live updates and alerts that could affect their flight at the airport or enroute through API integration into their mobile EFB apps.
  • Airplane Flight Ops software also Jeppesen’s live NOTAM updates to optimize enroute and taxi routing through all phases of the flight.
  • Airline Flight Ops Engineers and Data Scientists use Jeppesen NOTAMs for post flight analytics to re-run simulations and discover optimization possibilities…
  • Logistics service providers use Jeppesen NOTAMs to keep their UAV fleet mobile.

By using a single NOTAMs data source across the entire aviation industry – whether on the flight deck or on the ground – operators and airports alike maximize efficiencies, are better prepared for potential disruptions and are more likely to make correct decisions during emerging situations.

Jeppesen Basic NOTAMs APIs provide you with with text (JSON) responses. Jeppesen Smart NOTAMs APIs also include enhanced geo-encoding for visualization in software.

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