Taxi Time

Jeppesen Taxi Times API provides information about the duration, stand, runway and taxiway route of aircraft movements at over 300 airports within minutes after the movement is complete. This information can be used by airline personnel such as flight deck crew, flight planning personnel, Flight Followers, Flight Controllers and Flight Operational Managers as well as airport personnel such as Airside Operation Managers to make better operational decisions.

  • Accurate taxi time information is valuable to flight deck crew, but is often only available as a historical average for each airport and for specific airlines. Live airport data improves pilot situational awareness to support decisions pertaining to single-engine taxi operations, leading to less taxiway fuel consumption.
  • Dispatchers use live taxi time information to improve estimated taxi times published in flight plans to support accurate decisions regarding fuel carry.

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  • Flight Followers and Flight Controllers can better estimate the affect an airport’s current taxi situation will have on incoming flights and anticipate the formation of delays. This is useful when managing close connections because they can take appropriate action to assure passengers meet their connecting flights.
  • Flight Operations Managers can use historical taxi time information from all aircraft at a specific airport, or filter data based on aircraft type, time of day, taxi route or parking position for a better slot management and to minimize the likelihood of operational disruptions.
  • Airside Operation Managers will utilize live taxi time information to support airport collaborative decision-making as they better anticipate pending needs for ground handling, bus transport or cleaning crews, enabling fast and efficient turnarounds. They can also leverage this data for simulation scenarios such as in digital twin to drive strategic decisions.

Watch how an improved awareness of the current taxi situation can help pilots reduce taxiway fuel burn and support Reduced Engine Taxi Operations.