It’s Not About the Technology: How Boeing APIs Enable the Boeing Mission

Published by: Boeing Developer Tools | Posted: Jul 6, 2023 11:55AM GMT+0
APIs are more than a technical solution. At Boeing, APIs are enabling us to fulfill our mission to protect, connect and explore our world and beyond, and by providing our partners and customers with access to our data using APIs, we empower them to innovate and create great experiences for their customers.

Protect with Boeing APIs

An API like Taxi Time protects our environment and drives sustainability by helping flight deck crews accurately predict the time needed between the runway and parking station that reduces fuel consumption. The NOTAMs API provides the most comprehensive and trusted NOTAM data that helps pilots to make informed decisions on adjusting their routes, schedule and operations for safe and efficient flight operations.

Connect with Boeing APIs

The Flight Events API connects airlines to their customers so they can manage their expectations by providing flight updates using real-time data on worldwide flight statuses. Aircraft maintenance personnel using the Boeing Parts API get connected with manufacturer parts, prices and availability to facilitate the part ordering process.

Explore with Boeing APIs

Navigate the airways and airports around the globe using the Airspaces and Airports and Aerodromes APIs. Using these APIs developers can build services and solutions that make the flying experience and exploring more productive and rewarding.

Boeing APIs are powering world class digital aviation products in airlines and militaries around the world. Open up the door to innovation and integration and achieve your mission.